NOTERIOUS is a new brand made by Design Bindery LLC.  of Lincoln, NE. I started with selling DESIGNBIND notebooks to independent bookstores in 2014. The name NOTERIOUS arose later and started development around 2018, but began selling in a few stores about 2021. The brand continues to grow and evolve.


Design Bindery and the “DESIGNBIND” line feature over 20 solid color cloth options in 3 or more formats.

NOTERIOUS  | Designline offers the same quality notebooks ( same paper, same binding) but utilizing printed fabrics by Spoonflower artists from around the world. Each time we order the fabrics, the associated artist receives a commission. Great way to support a small business while promoting artists from around the world!

NOTERIOUS is also where we get to expand upon stationery treats such as fancy boxes, faux leather notebooks, miniature stationery books, watercolor sketchbooks and more. We consider DESIGNBIND our professional/creative brand and NOTERIOUS our “lifestyle brand”.


We Grow our Own!

What I mean is that we actually make everything we offer at the Design Bindery shop on 14th & South Street in Lincoln. Other notebook companies in most cases are having the production outsourced to anywhere from domestically in the US to China, India and elsewhere.

As a former product development pro for some of the most well known brands out there, I decided to take a 180 degree different approach and control all aspects of product development, design and production in my own shop in the USA. I was told it couldn’t be done. That was around 2014. Luckily, I  love what I do and hope our products bring you as much joy as I get out of making each one.

If you are in search of a small business with a heart for what we do – look no further!

~ Martin